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Chestnut Hill Memorial Park
(Northampton Township)
2613 Sackett Ave
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221 USA

Established: 1928

Alternate Names: Cuyahoga Falls Chestnut Hill Memorial Cemetery

Location:: 2613 Sackett Ave; between State Rd and Northampton Rd

Responsible Party: Cemetery Office, 2613 Sackett Ave, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Status: Active

History:The concept for this cemetery was created by Carl F Graefe, who spent several years in planning before construction began in 1926. An ecologist, Mr Graefe was focused on the preservation of natural resources for the enjoyment of all. The cemetery is named for the native chestnut trees that formerly grew on the seven hills of the former Babb Farm. The beauty of this cemetery draws visits from naturalists, artists, horticulturalists, and photographers as well as those who come to visit the final resting places of friends and family.

Readings: Information included in Lest We Forget, 2007