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Spicer Cemetery
(Portage Township)
310 Butchel Commons
Akron, Ohio 44304 USA
Location: Was located at the current location of Butchel Hall on the University of Akron campus.
Status: Closed in 1870 (most burials relocated to Glendale Cemetery by 1871)
History: The Spicer Hull burial ground was in use since at least since 1813 until its official closure in 1870, when the land was sold to builders of what would become Butchel College. The location is now home to Butchel Hall, which houses the University Administrative offices for the University of Akron. For more history of the site, please see the writeup "Old Butchel Hall" by Michael Elliott in the Past Pursuits newsletter from the Special Collections Division of the Akron-Summit County Public Library (Volume 7, Number 4, WInter 2008; located here).
Records: Published in Lest We Forget, 2007