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Moore's Chapel Cemetery aka Shaw Cemetery
(Boston Township)
1631 North Hametown Road
Akron, Ohio 44333 USA
Alternate Names: Moore's Chapel Cemetery aka Shaw Cemetery

Established: circa 1836

Current Status: Active

Size: 5 acres

Original Township: Bath

Directions:  On the east side of Hametown Road between Ira Road and West Bath Road.

Contact: Bath Township Trustees
                3864 W. Bath Road
                Akron, Ohio 44333

History: Originally a private cemetery for the family of Samuel and Charlotte Shaw, this cemetery has once known as Shaw Cemetery. The Shaw family conveyed 1/2 an acre for this cemetery in 1836, their daughter allegedly being the first person buried here.  In 1869 a Methodist chapel was built on land adjoining the Shaw Cemetery; the chapel was named Moore's Chapel in honor of Oliver Moore who had given $600 toward the $2000 needed to build the structure. Even though the church never owned the cemetery, its close proximity led to the burial ground being alternately referred to as "Moore's Chapel Cemetery". The township has continued to increase the size of the cemetery through purchase of additional land, and it now includes 12.98 acres. A total of 384 burials have been made in the old and new sections of the cemetery, including veterans of the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.  In 2011 The Shaw family descendants petitioned to have Moore’s Chapel Cemetery renamed officially as Shaw Cemetery.  A historical marker was ordered and placed at Shaw Cemetery in September 2011.

Chapter Publications:  The cemetery inscriptions have been updated and were published in the 2009 publication: "Bath Township Cemeteries".


The Summit County Chapter, OGS, is always looking for new information on our county's lost or forgotten cemeteries. If you have questions or information on this cemetery please contact the Cemetery Chairperson.

Moore's Chapel Old Entrance