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Temple Israel Congregation in Rose Hill Memorial Park
(Bath Township)
3653 West Market Street
Fairlawn, Ohio 44203 USA
Alternative Names: Rose Hill Memorial Park
Current Status: Active
Original Township: Boston Township
Directions:  Sections 12, 12A, & 12B within Rose Hill Memorial Park; west of Summit Mall at the junction of Smith Road and West Market Street (Route 18)
Contact: Jewish Community Board of Akron
                750 White Pond Drive
                Akron, Ohio 44320
                Rose Hill Cemetery Office
                3535 Medina Road
                Akron, Ohio 44333
History:  Temple Israel is the oldest Jewish Congregation in Akron, having been established in 1865 under the name Akron Hebrew Association. The earliest burial ground established by this group is found in section 18 of Glendale Cemetery. Later, the Congregation established a burial ground in sections 12, 12A, & 12B of Rose Hill Memorial Park.
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