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Anshe Sfard Cemetery AKA Polish Jewish Cemetery
(Coventry Township)
Ohio USA

Established: 1924

Alternate Names: Polish Jewish Cemetery, Sand/Sandy Hill Cemetery

Location:On south side of Swartz Road, just east of junction with Glenmount Ave (1st of three cemeteries in a row when traveling east on Swartz Rd)

Responsible Party:
Jewish Community Board of Akron, 750 White Pond Dr, Akron OH 44320

Status: Active

History:The cemetery was established by the Anshe Sfard Congregation which was housed first on Raymond St then on Copley Rd in Akron. This congregation is now known as the Revere Road Synagogue.

Readings: Published in Summit County cemeteries, Vol. 3, ca 1982 (Out of print)

Also known as: Polish Jewish Cemetery