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Manchester Cemetery
(Franklin Township)
1030 W Nimisila Rd
Clinton, Ohio 44216 USA
(330) 673-2194
Location:  In Manchester on the south side of W. Nimisila Road, west of the intersection of W. Nimisila Road and Manchester Road.
Status:  87 acres owned by the Franklin Township Trustees
History:  "The oldest section of this cemetery was donated by Mr. Jacob Balmer for the burial of his wife, in 1815. Mrs. Balmer had passed away after having been bitten by a rattlesnake. In the years since, the City has acquired several adjacent properties in an effort to enlarge the cemetery. The most recent addition is the former site of the original Lutheran Church – one of our earliest landmarks – built in 1880, and lost to a fire in 1992." (Source: City of New Franklin website "Cemeteries" page, located here.)
Readings: Published in Summit County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol 2 (1980)